My Other Bag...

Today, I wanna talk about one of my obsession: bags.
This Brand represents my personal sense of glamour: My Other Bag.

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Every woman has her go to bag, her dream bag, her going out bag.
My Other Bag is the perfect complement to these bags we love!

Carry it in addition to your designer handbag or alone as you tackle your day’s “To Do List.” 

The grocery store, the gym, errands, hopping on a plane, packing for a weekend away.
It’s the perfect other bag!

I really love them, because they're cheap and chic.
These bags are cool everyday, with every kind of outfit or color, it's a fashionable collection that I adore. Don't you agree?

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Ogni donna ha la borsa dei suoi sogni, quella per uscire con le amiche, quella per fare shopping, insomma un tipo diverso per tutte le occasioni!
My Other Bag vuole essere il denominatore comune tra le borse che amiamo!
Aggiunto al fatto che la stampa di queste borse riporta vari fashion designer e borse icona.
Io le definirei multi-funzionali: adatte per andare in palestra, a fare la spesa, qualche commissione, ecc..

Le adoro! Mi piacciono perchè sono semplici, ma molto chic.
Queste borse sono davvero alla moda, in tutta la loro semplicità, si sposano con vari outfit e vari colori.
Una collezione che mi piace da matti e sono davvero economiche. Siete d'accordo?

Potete acquistarle qui: Shop Online!

My Other Bag is a reflection of my passion for handbags, and started from an experience I had in a grocery store
I live in Santa Monica, a city that has banned plastic grocery bags in order to ensure people use their reusables.
I ran into a local store after work to pick up a few items for dinner and was caught off guard by this new law.
The cashier threw my groceries to the side when I told her I didn’t have a reusable with me and started helping the next customer. I was left with a handful of random groceries that I was not comfortable putting in my designer bag!
On my walk out to the car I realized there needs to be cute, fashionable, tote bags to use for grocery shopping.” -  Tara Martin

My Other Bag

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